Become a Person of Value

Knowing one’s purpose is necessary but not sufficient for fulfilling it! We must work in order to execute it. Our purpose isn’t meant to be cremated on our fancy journals or walls. Our skills, knowledge and work must be engaged to fulfill the purpose of God for our lives.

Work is the creation of value. It is through work we bring expression to God’s divine plan for our lives. It is through work we fulfill our purpose.

Crucial to doing good work is improving one’s self and harnessing one’s resources. As with most things on earth, our lives begin in seed form, and we have to develop the seed of God’s investment of resources in our lives.

The journey to becoming a person of value begins with not despising little beginnings! We must recognise that within the little seed of our lives lies the potential of a mighty forest.

A key to increasing our value is to recognise the resources within us and improve on them. It is natural to take for granted the things you are good at, but working at them will increase your value. Also, despite your perceived disadvantages in life, you are the dot that moves the equation of life in your favour.

Value added = Attitude (Innate abilities +Acquired Abilities)

As put forth in the equation above, our value is a function of the multiple of our attitude & our abilities.

Some tips on how to increase our value co-efficient.

Attitude:  Attitude can be defined as one’s posture towards people or circumstances. It is made up of what we think, do and feel. It can also be said to be an inward feeling expressed by outward behavior. One’s attitude colors whatever abilities one has. For example going by the equation, if attitude is negative, no matter how great the ability integer is, the value one creates will be negative.

Attitude they say is everything. According to Scott Hamilton “the only disability in life is a bad attitude.” To improve our attitude, we must realize that attitude is a choice. The renowned philosopher Williams James said “the greatest discovery of my generation is that people can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.”

In the famous Sermon on the Mount; Jesus puts forth some BE- ATTITUDES! They are meekness, mercy, purity, peacemaking, hunger and thirst for righteousness (doing things right!), etc.

Note that you have to BE before you DO. Without getting a good attitude in place, work would be done halfheartedly, and service would be inauthentic.

Innate Abilities: These are determined by God; we have no choice in them. Developing our abilities starts with discovery. We can also be confident that God in His wisdom put them in us for His glory. They are not to be despised through comparison with others.

These innate abilities grow through use and learning. We must constantly find avenues to serve with them. Examples of innate abilities include manual dexterity, ability to draw and design, eye for details, and good communication skills, etc.

For example my ability to communicate has helped me to lead effectively in all my spheres of influence, as I am able to impart knowledge, connect with people and convey vision and direction easily.

Acquired Abilities: These are obtained through education, and formal and informal experiences. The ceiling we place on them is the extent of our learning. To develop these, we must constantly thirst for knowledge.

It is noteworthy that sometimes our innate abilities serve as a base for our acquired abilities. For example someone with the innate ability of manual dexterity, can through learning acquire the ability to play a musical instrument,

As we conclude this chapter, let us note that there is always a time of preparation when value is developed in the lives of those whom God uses.  For example, Joseph spent several years in service and in prison becoming an astute dream interpreter and administrator. Likewise, Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness developing the skills and attitude of a good leader by shepherding flock .This teaches us that we ought to keep honing our skills even when it seems we are misplaced or we are not in the true place of our purpose and calling.

God orchestrates our life in such a manner that we can learn lessons in all circumstances that will be instrumental to the fulfillment of our purpose. (Romans 8:28)

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